Lame, Wrong, Busy, and Failed

Over two months since the last written content. A lot longer than I anticipated. I intended to have an accompanying edition of Dane's WRONG for every Dane's LAME segment. Cute right? Dane's lame and wrong about whatever. Haha.

To be honest though, from the beginning I knew I was forcing it with Dane's WRONG. I was just looking for something else to put out, something else to work on. I was desperate for something to occupy my mind, as I was out of work and found my normal habits and hobbies thoroughly unfulfilling. Making the podcast felt, and feels, great, so I wanted to do more of that. I played with different ideas for the show, possible segments, mostly boilerplate stuff, the kind of things I'd seen or heard on a multitude of other shows. I feel like I landed on something just different enough to be its own thing, and it's been really rewarding.

So if I enjoy doing Dane's LAME why did Dane's WRONG, the obvious extension, end up as a false starter?

Well, the short answer is I ended up being too busy. I started my college courses not long after I introduced the segment, and for the first time in a long time, my time and mind were heavily occupied. The long answer... well...

I intended Dane's WRONG as a long-form break down of the individual entries I assessed for the podcast. I would go through each movie separately and give my more in-depth thoughts and analysis. So, already it's a much more time and thought intensive exercise. I didn't realize what a mentally exhausting process it would be to critique so thoroughly while at the same time trying to make it my own, it's pointless to go through the process to just produce something ostensibly identical to everyone else.

I do a fair amount of research in the media space to find what works for a podcast and for a blog, so I can see where there's room for improvement and try to work towards making better content with every iteration. But the danger in that is falling into the standard practices and becoming homogenous, and I just don't feel there's any point in that. Pete and I discuss the style and content of the podcast regularly and make changes as we see fit. We've iterated in a number of ways and I feel more confident about Dashing Digressions as a podcast with every episode.


Dane's WRONG from the outset felt generic. Sure it had my voice in it, I can't help that, but it was so standard it didn't give me any satisfaction to make. And my chosen starting franchise didn't help with that. I, for whatever mind boggling reason, started with Saw, a series that was 7 entries long with only nominal changes between a majority of the movies. Not to mention it's a series that I only had mild feelings for previously and after viewing I came out with mostly negative feelings. Now, don't get me wrong, strong negative reactions can make for compelling content, but the format I imposed on myself didn't allow me to focus on the things that actually gave me strong reactions of any kind.

So I had effectively set myself up for failure with Dane's WRONG. I attempted to go back to it a number of times. The John Hughes movies had a lot that I wanted to say about them, but each time I worked on the piece for them, I'd get exasperated at the box I placed on myself. I couldn't just write about what I found interesting, I had established a format that for some reason I felt beholden to so, in the end, I trashed all the work I put into it and began a new piece entirely.

That ended up in the trash too, it was just an ill-conceived mess. So that leaves me here now, describing the stupidity that pushed me away from writing for you guys. But that doesn't mean that I haven't been writing. In fact, I feel that I've been doing some of the best writing I've ever done and it's come about due to things that I never valued: collaboration and social interaction. Addressing my tendency toward isolation and, to be honest, narcissism is an issue for another day. 

So all of this rambling just to say, "no more Dane's WRONG?" 

Yes and no. Yes, Dane's WRONG is in the garbage and will remain there, a relic of a failed experiment. But, also, I wanted to say that I believe I'm going to begin using this as a more traditional blog, as well as a place to display the work I've been doing recently. So, expect a little more action here on the site, along with the regular podcast episode every Sunday. At least, in theory. 

-Dane B.

ADDENDUM: It seems fitting that the first post I make in over a month promises more written content, and then I immediately follow it up with a commitment to #NaPodPoMo for daily audio content, effectively making the writing not only many times more difficult to produce amid other projects, but also just naturally less compelling. I'm a genius.