Rearranging My Living Room

Okay so I need to start this by saying, I know I said I'd be blogging every week and it's been 10 days since that post. My bad.

And there's been no shortage of things that I've wanted to talk about. I found out about a school program at my niece's school involving the Pokemon card game, my sister had a stroke which led me to think about all our mortality, I had an incredibly eye opening conversation about marriage and love, and I found out I'm being let go from my job.

I will for sure get back to each of these topics in great length, but today I'm going to talk about something simple. I rearranged my living room today, like the title says. And now I'm sitting on my couch, writing this and looking around the room thinking that after I'm done I'm going to get started on moving things around in my bedroom.

The change was needed. I haven't moved my couch since I moved in 2 and half years ago. You should have seen how many lighters and cat toys we found! Also, you know, vacuuming. But the real reason wasn't my cat.

Honestly, I've been in a rut. I've been working at the same place for 5 and a half years now. Lived in the same apartment for years, still haven't written that script, still wear the same clothes, still can't get my diet going, and I still listen to Foxy Shazam's self titled album on a weekly basis. And all but Foxy I'm tired of.

I haven't been able to change because I'm comfortable and if I'm totally honest, slightly lazy. Not like I can't get my work done, or take care of things I need to, just lazy on moving myself forward as a person.

But, with my job letting me go at the end of May, this website and podcast starting to take shape, and me talking with people about my stories and getting feedback I feel like my confidence is coming back. Change is being forced on me, and I think I like it.

During a lot of, if not most, stories there will be a part where the protagonist will learn some new skill. Then later, you see him (royal him) use said skill to symbolize growth in their character. Well if the universe is teaching me to change, my living room was the first casualty of that.

My next post I'll talk about Pokemon or Spider-man or something I promise guys. I know I've posted about introspection twice in a row now.


-Pete M.