Episode 68: Under the Mouse

Pete's getting serious about self defense, so he's got just the product to keep him and his loved ones safe! Dane's interested to hear about Jake Paul, but really can't tolerate much more Shane Dawson. The guys have a lot of things to say about Disney and it's mergers and how it relates to this world mired in late stage capitalism before finally talking about James Gunn making a movie for DC. Elsewhere, Dane finally found out what the "F" stands for in F-Bomb Pizza, and Pete basically says parents just don't understand, before going into a rather jovial and extended edition of Dane's LAME about A Nightmare on Elm Street, bitch.

We didn’t mean it when we said “bitch” just there, it was a bit. You get it right? Join us on our Discord, and we’ll talk about it. And, whether you liked it or not, give us a rating or review on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts to let us know exactly how you feel.