Episode 39: 2 Noses, 3 Arms, 1 Mic

This week is the first-ever crossover episode of Dashing Digressions with the lovely and hilarious cast of the Build-a-Band podcast, Chris Naulty and Taylor Ruckle. We learn the dangers of communal detergent and get a glimpse into our velvety soft future. Elsewhere, Taylor offers his thoughts on Pop music, Pete counters with some indie gems, Dane's confused by all the band names, and Chris decides to make a mix to bring him up to date. Elsewhere, we hear of a host of live performances attended and some of the deepest TayLORE. And they finish it off with the hottest new blockbuster of the summer "Stinking Creek."

Check out Build-a-Band at The All Scene Eye where you can also find music reviews and interviews with musicians!

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