Episode 41: Space Lizard Princess

The last in our series of guest shows has us talking with the wonderful ladies of the Dimly Lit podcast, Carleigh Houghtling and Katrina Schroeder! Pete takes some time to join us for the show so Dane basically geeks out on how much he enjoys their work. We talk about what makes classic literature and why fan-fiction is better, Carleigh deigns to give us some recommendations. Katrina announces the next few books coming up on Dimly Lit before trashing Twilight. Elsewhere, Dane reveals his feelings on the highly relevant Backstreet vs N*Sync debate, and shares a story of being a total nerd in high school, while Carleigh misconstrues the "60's." Pete shows up and talks D&D with Katrina and we wind down with thoughts on Harry Potter and Shia LeBeouf. Also... GAY PRETTY SKATE BOIS!

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And check out Dimly Lit they're so great!