Fat Cats:

Dane Bankston

Dane's the end result of a lifetime of glib self-satisfaction and excessive bacon. He has a penchant for 80's schlock and literary nonsense. Years of attempted writing and criticism have given him an over-inflated ego and he really needs to take it down a notch. No one likes a 30-year old narcissist. 


Pete Medina

Pete likes to think that he's the kind of guy that most people would like to get a beer with but seeing as how he's a little biased take that how you will. Sorry for the perspective shift but I hate talking about myself in 3rd person. I mean, Dane did start a trend. Back to business, about me. I don't know man, I like to write stories, play video games, and listen to chill music all while never being able to stay on task, in the present, or maintain a relationship with my friends, or family. I'm no role model, and I'm certainly no expert on anything. But I'd totally help you move a couch, so there's that.



Kate Torbert

I’m Kate and I don’t talk about myself in 3rd person. I’m a heavy reader and I’m addicted to movies. Movie trivia and behind the scenes stories are my wheelhouse. I probably spend too much time reading and researching and too little time socializing. I have too many ideas in my head, but I’ll pin a few down and share them with you.